On your way in the front door, pick up a bulletin and a communion kit, then come on in and find a seat. If you have babies or preschool age children that would like to go to class, ask the greeter at the front door to direct you to the children's hall. Elementary age children sit with their parents for worship and then are dismissed to their class before the sermon. If you'd rather keep your children with you, that is fine, too.


We enjoy singing old & new hymns and songs of worship, led by a team of talented musicians of all ages, typically playing acoustic guitars, piano, bass, box drum, violin & Irish whistle! 


We share Communion together every Sunday. The band plays music to allow time for personal prayer and meditation on Christ's sacrifice; in obedience to God, the Father, Jesus willingly was crucified, becoming the spotless Lamb taking on the punishment for our sins. The bread we eat represents His body and the red juice, his blood. (1 Corinthians 11:23-30) All believers are invited to partake. Pick up a communion kit in the foyer or on the communion table.


Greg Miller is a gifted communicator and always preaches from Scripture. Bible text is always projected on the screen in case you do not have a Bible with you to follow along. 

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